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About us

We are a very approachable, family owned elite Pet Personal Funeral & Memorial service based in Allerton, Bradford and serving all Bradford areas and surrounding areas within West Yorkshire. We love our pets dearly and know how much they become family and how much a family grieves for them when they pass away. Given our profession as Funeral Directors and Memorial Masons, it seemed a natural progression to offer families a bespoke and unique service for their beloved and special pet members, whether these be furry, hairy, smooth, feathered or shelled. We know they are all unique, precious and loved.

Please note that we are not a Pet Crematorium and you can of course arrange Cremation directly with a Crematorium or allow your Vet to use their contract service during business hours.
Our service is for those families who wish to give their pet an elite personal care end to end funeral service, just as you would for any family member - and whereas Crematoria are not open on Bank Holidays or at weekends, we operate an evening and weekend service if you need your pet to be brought into our care following death at home out of hours.

Our service is complete, costs a little more and includes a lot more.

We offer two Pet Services that are rarely found under one roof in the Yorkshire area:

1) Full Pet Funerals - Cremation & Burial
These include bringing your pet into our care from home or from vets, in business hours or out of hours if this is required, grooming and laying them to rest, offering a stay of one or two nights whilst things are arranged, offering you facilities to say farewell in our Safari Room and providing tribute token keepsake hair or fur and a paw-print, printed as a photo with digital copy available.

Providing a pet coffin should you require one (usually this is for burial)

Arranging Cremation or Burial at our local Crematorium, Pets at Rest, or at Tarn Moor Woodland Burial Ground

Taking your pet to the local Crematorium if you prefer us to do that

Taking your pet and close family if you wish to attend to the woodland ground for a burial ceremony there. (Often families opt to do this in their own vehicle - the choice is yours).

Collecting your pet's ashes following Cremation, transferring them to the keepsakes or casket of your choice and delivering them safely home to you

Please note that we are able to assist with home burials (i.e. grave digging) given sufficient notice for up to small dog (terrier size) and we do stock coffins and provide memorials for burial plots at home.

2) Pet Memorial Products - from coffins for burial, ashes caskets and memorial jewellery plus keepsakes for token ash, gravemarkers and bespoke mini pet headstones. We also have a range of simple garden memorials for that special corner.

We are not a Crematorium or Burial Ground but we do work closely with these services.

Our transport and preparation services are restricted to domestic pets only and only in cases of woodland burial, but we do supply memorial products for equine pets.

Our Showroom & Memorial Products
Peace for Pets has its own showrom and room of rest area within our Landmark Memorials Showroom, owned by Stone-Mason, Bill Kane at 255 Allerton Road and adjacent to our main funeral premises, Kane Family Funerals Ltd. Managed by Bill's sister, Rose Kane, an experienced Bradford Funeral Director and Celebrant, Peace for Pets was set up in this completely separate memorial location, in recognition that the grief following the loss of a pet is deep, affects the entire family and needs an outlet that is not often served by a sudden farewell at the vet's surgery.

We offer the funeral services as we would for any family member, allowing you the time to say a gentle farewell. Our specialist products are there should you need them to help you to mark the life of your pet in the way that best suits your family. Our aim is to help you to express your love in a way that feels right for you and your pet - and to particularly help children to come to terms with what is often their first experience of the loss of a dearly loved friend and family member.

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