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The full, personal pet funeral service

Immediately after loss

The full Pet Funeral Service -

if your pet has been put to sleep at the vet or had passed away at home, and is to be buried either at home, at a local woodland ground or cremated locally, we will bring him/her into our care so that s/he is individually cared for - groomed, laid to rest in a comfy pet bed etc. and placed within a coffin if burial is to follow and a coffin is your choice. You may wish to spend a little time with your pet once s/he is ready - and might not want to do this at home if there are very young children there. This farewell time on neutral but homely ground can be arranged in our Family Safari room at Peace for Pets.

Local Family Run Crematoria
We work with family run Crematoria - where individual cremations are conducted and we will take your pet there on the appointed day and bring home the ashes afterwards, in a wooden casket with nameplate or in any other casket or urn that you may have chosen - ensuring that your pet is cared for throughout their lying at rest and their transport individually and with total dignity.

Woodland Burial :

The woodland grounds at Tarn Moor are beautiful and in North Yorkshire near Settle, so not around the corner - but many families have found them a great comfort and make a point of a day out to remember a special life. If a natural burial is your preferred option, you could not choose a better place for your pet's body to rest and return to the cycle of the seasons.

Remembrance and tribute items

Our showroom displays a wide range of pet memorial coffins, caskets and urns, inclusive of urns cast in dog breeds to keep inside the home, urns cast as wooden or ceramic sleeping cats and urns with cast cats or rabbits. Plus small keepsake urns, memorial jewellery that holds portions of ashes or soil from a grave, photo-frames, keepsake photo-boxes and frames, scatter pouches and boxes, items for children to decorate - plus memorial stone for graves.

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