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Please browse our memorial products and feel free - even if you live outside West Yorkshire - to contact us for more detail. We will accept online orders via email to and once we have confirmed availability of goods, will take payment by debit card or Paypal, shipping to any UK address. Postage is not included and will be quoted at the time. Delivery service (West Yorkshire area) also available if you would like a quotation. You may also collect within business hours from our premises.
Product descriptions in GREY are by order (allow 5 working days).
Product descriptions in Green are in stock.

Pet Coffins
In stock sateen lined coffins in rattan, willow, seagrass, wool, cardboard, woodchip for all sizes of domestic pet from £8.99

Wensleydale Woollen coffin in grey,brown or cream with optional embroidered plate @ £11
Rectangle Sm - £155
Medium Rectangle -£200
Round/octagon Shape Small -£145/Large - £160

Seagrass Small Pet Sateen lined £12.99

Wooden engraved nameplates available as options

Small Pet sateen lined with endearment words engraved on lid £14.50

Memorial Jewellery in Stainless Steel - All ashes holding & with chain
Heart pendant - Black paw print £29

Silver Hue Cat Spirit Pendant

Gold Hue Cat in Heart Pendant £29 Steel bevelled
paw print
pendant £29
Multi pawprint keyring £29 Gold Hue Dog in Heart
Pendant £29
Dog bone pendant

Steel bevelled

Ashes Urns for smaller pets, & for all pets - Keepsakes, Grave Markers, Scatter Boxes
2 layer memory box with photo lid £36.00 (Size 1 as shown)

Wood grave marker with plate and brass paws £30

Brushed steel effect brass keepsake heart with brass paw prints - holds token portion of ashes £39 Pawprint Blue
Brass Ashes
casket £75
Cat Ashes Scatter Box
£ 10.99

Dog Ashes Scatter Box
Sold Out

No longer available to source

Scatter Pouch
From £7.99

Resin ashes casket - rabbit on book
14x10x15 cm
370cc £38

Rabbit or Sleeping Cat only to bond to your own casket (non ash holding) £10.00

Resin ashes casket ij verdigris bonze and gilt effect- Sleeping cat on book
14x10x10.5 cm

Sleeping Cat Antique Bronze effect Ashes Keepsake
10x8.5x6.5 cm


Cast Resin
ashes casket - antique bronze effect - Rabbit (suitable for
indoor or


Cast Bronze effect Seated Cat (Resin - suitable for inddor or outdoors) Cat - Ashes Urn
25x15x35 cms
2500cc £53
Ceramic sleeping angel cat - Ashes Urn
250cc £75

Sleeping Cat
Ashes Urn alternate designs
17x18x10cm 250cc £55


Cast Bronze effect Resin Urn - (suitable for indoor or outdoors) Contented Cat
22x13x14 cm
1050 cc £49.99

Cast Bronze effect Resin Urn - (suitable for indoor or outdoors) Resting Cat 26x17x10 cm
400 cc £59.99

Cast Bronze effect Resin Urn - (suitable for indoor or outdoors) Guinea Pig 18x9x8.5 cm 250 cc £36

Cast Bronze
effect Resin
Urn -
(suitable for
indoor or
Rabbit 27x12x10 cm 1000 cc

Equine Tack Room Style Ashes Casket in Wood with leather straps - 3 Sizes From £47 (25x16x20 cms) Equine Ashes Casket in Willow with engraved plate £37 Size 1 (holds 1,300 ccs of ash)

Solid oak memory heart
Engraving optional @£5
Recess for token ashes in supplied bottle
Space for photo each side. Magnetic fastening. 6.7x6.2x4 cm Phto 3.5 cm diameter Capacity - Token ashes £65


Cast Resin bronze effect Dog Urns - suitable for inside or outside.
Weathering will occur over time if outside. All hold ashes and capacity is shown in ccs.
All are supplied with a memory capsule to store small mementoes - hair, photo, name
tag etc. We have a Jack Russell Terrier on display if you would like to have a look and handle the item - and other breeds shown will be shipped in when you order. They typically ship within 3-4 days to us.

Cocker Spaniel
26x16x29 cms 1500ccs £90

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
28x23x30 cms 2000 ccs £90

Yorkshire Terrier
29x17x27 cms 1650 ccs £90


Jack Russell
30x21x35 cms 2300 ccs £90

Golden Retriever
Compact on plinth
28x16x16 1300 ccs £90


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Compact on plinth
27x16x18 cms 700 ccs £90

Border Collie
Compact on plinth
28x17x20 cms 1300 ccs £90

French Bulldog
Compact on
16x20x23 cms 500ccs

44x18x24 cm
2450 ccs £90

Rhodesian Ridgeback 43x23x26cm
2150 ccs £90


48x32x22 cm
2,000 ccs £90

German Shepherd
2500 ccs


48x26x29 cm
2,600 ccs £90

Border Collie
39x16x19 cm
1200 ccs £90

Dog with Bone
40x18x21 cm
2400 ccs £90

Equine Copper effect keepsake cast urns (electroplated for inside use only).
Also now available in dog breeds Border Collie, Golden Retriever and
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Cast - Champion Keepsake Urn
Optional personalised plaque
23x8x22 cm
Capacity - token ash only

Cast - 3 Friends Keepsake Urn
Optional personalised plaque
39x17x27 cm Capacity - token ash only

Cast - Eventer Keepsake Urn
Optional - personalised plaque
Capacity - token ash only



Cast - My
little pony - Keepsake Urn
Optional personalised plaque
22x8x22 cm Capacity - token ash only £108

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